Low (or Floor) Sawhorses: A Necessity for Japanese Saws

After reading Toshio Odate’s book, Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit and Use, I was inspired to make a toolbox for my second project.  Descriptions in Odate’s book indicated that low (or floor) sawhorses were commonly used with Japanese saws.  Japanese saws work on the pull stroke and sawyers typically work in a bent over position while using these saws.  I built a pair of these low sawhorses to help facilitate the cross-cutting and ripping I would need to do with my ryoba during the toolbox build.

Japanese Low Horse

These low sawhorses were made from a Douglas-fir 2×4.  The 9 inch wide “legs” were held to the 20 inch long beams using 5/8″ oak dowels. If I were to build these again, I may have used a 2×6 for the beams as to give me a little more height above the floor when sawing.


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